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The clementines we love.

Who are we?

Our organization was launched in the 80s, when the Office de Commercialisation et d’Exportation du Maroc had the enlightened idea to bring the exceptional taste of Moroccan citrus to the world. Since then, we have exported fruit whose quality is remarkable and has allowed us to become the reference in the industry.

Our commitments

Quality and authenticity

To ensure our products’ unmatched quality, we have established rigorous controls at each and every stage of production.


We have considerably reduced our environmental impact at all stages of production and distribution.


An innovative, computerized system lets us track and control our product in real time.


Moroccan clementines and mandarins are the real ambassadors of Morocco’s rich culture. We cultivate over ten different varieties: the Fine clementine, the Nour clementine, the Sidi Aissa clementine, the Nules clementine, the Berkane clementine, the Marisol clementine, the Nadorcott mandarin and the Nova mandarin.
Here are some you’ll find at your grocer:

October February

Fine clementine

December February

Nour clementine

January April

Nadorcott mandarin

Clementine or mandarin?

Even though these citrus fruits have similar nutritional benefits, mandarins and clementines are actually quite distinct from one another. Here’s what makes the difference:


The clementine is a naturally occurring cross between mandarin and bitter orange.

  • Very few or no seeds
  • Thin, easy-to-peel skin
  • Smaller than the mandarin
  • Tart taste


Fruit of the mandarin tree, the mandarin originated in the Far East.

  • Has a lot of seeds
  • Thick, easy-to-peel skin
  • A bit squat in shape
  • Very sweet

Nutritional value

Citrus fruits are fruits of the sun, abundant in Vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre. They also contain many minerals and essential trace elements vital to the human body.

Regions of production

Our clementines and mandarins are cultivated in the most beautiful regions of Morocco: Souss Massa, Gharb, Orientale, Tadla, and Haouz. Their soil is rich, the water pure and the sun shines beneficently down 300 days of the year. These unparalleled areas provide the perfect combination of qualities necessary to ripen fruit that produces an unbelievably delicious and memorable taste.